Chairman’s Message

Excellence in education is our motto that implies relating education with productive labour, enabling the youth to lead the 21st century and encouraging them to serve people and country alike. I hope our institution will continue to play an important role to transform our vision into reality and stand as an example to others. We are in the post modern era where science and technology rules the society.

Quality Monitoring

We at Techland ITI collage desire to establish a system of Quality Assurance, which would, on a continuous basis, evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training imparted at the Institute, improve the teaching-learning process and, ultimately, develop the Institute as a Centre of Excellence.

Faculty Profile

Techland Pvt ITI collage offers to its students learned and experienced faculty members from K. G.Engineering Institute, ITI Chhatna, ITI Rupnarayanpur, ITI Sabrakone, Bishnupur Public Institute of Engineering, Mallabhum Institute of Technology, Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering and other reputed institutes and universities. Great personages from other academic institutions periodically visit our institute and enrich our students with newer knowledge and information. In our faculty we also have experienced persons with rich industrial experience who will motivate our students for creative and innovative thinking.

Administration Staff

Chairman- 		Sri Amaresh Chakraborty
Principal- 		Sri Sibdas Pramanik
Superintendent- 	Sri Asim Bandyopadhyay
Training Officer-	Sri Bijoy Krishna Mandal
UDC- 			Sri Rabi Sadhan Mukhopadhyay
			Sri Anirban Chanda
Office Assistants-	Sk. Nazmul Hossain
			Smt. Chhanda Singha Mahapatra
Librarian- 		Sri Debal Kumar Mandal.

Fund Status

Techland Private Industrial Training institute, a unit of Bhuteswar Welfare Society, Bankura, WB, is funded by the above mentioned society. The society is an endeavour of some well known social workers and well-wishers of the human society of Bankura. The society runs by the member subscriptions and donations received from various personages. The society fund is being utilized in the establishment of the institute from the very beginning. The amount in the annual fund is Rs. 5 lakh approximately.