PBSSD Programmes

PBSSD Programmes

Duration:400 hours

Course Details

PBSSD (Paschim Banga Society for Skill Development) is a society under the Department of Technical Education & Training, Govt. of West Bengal (WBSCTVESD)

West Bengal Skill Development Mission (WBSDM) in association with Paschim Banga Society for Skill Development (PBSSD) launched a scheme named “Utkarsha Bangla” on 16th February, 2016. It is planned to grow employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in West Bengal through this noble Utkarsh Bangla initiative. Motto of “Utkarsh Bangla” is to provide placement oriented short term training to the the unemployed youths in Bengal.PBSSD intends to develop and strengthen Skill Development at all levels through institutional and/ or non-institutional interventions.
SLIEM SKILLS is proud to be associated with Paschim Banga Society for Skill Development –Utkarsha Bangla. Utkarsha Bangla is aimed as giving vocational training to school dropouts where every student will get training of 400- 1200 hours . This training is entirely free of charge and is entirely sponsored by Government of West Bengal. Once the training is completed , students will be offered with placement opportunities

Trades Covered: Banking,Plumbing,Mason,Hospitality,Security,Beauty,Automotive

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  1. PBSSD training help youth of west Bengal.but iti ncvt most student done iti ncvt trade training but can get job. And sitting house.so all govt iti check data of all students .if student can not job .give re training of trade with students done in iti.(the re training give through PBSSD training)

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